5 easy ways how to look like a korean-pop celebrity

Korean FashionUndoubtedly, Korean Fashion is the leader of fashion industry nowadays. It have a important place in Asia fashion and world fashion. One of the main factor that make Korean fashion standing out is their creativity and contemporary design. When we talk about Korean fashion, inevitably we will think about k-pop. Famous K-pop groups like SNSD, 2 PM and  etc, have successfully bring and promote Korean fashion to the world. It is a dream to many girls and boys, to look pretty, sweet, cute  and wear like them. Here we are going to show you 3 easy ways to make you wear like a Korean-pop stars.

1. Know about yourself

This is very important that you know about how you look like : are you tall, short, slim, plump, long hair, short hair, color of your hair, skin tone and your personality. If you are tall you can try to wear button-down shirts, or tops with V-necks with jeans. For short girls, you could try to wear lace or something sweet color to show your cute and petite. Of course, high heels is a must for Korean fashion.

2. What you want to be

Find a idol that you like how he/she dress or you would like to have a same style, and study how he/she dress and what is their styles like. Of course, You are not recommended to copy wholly, you can add in your style that suit your personality.

3. Make good use of fashion accessories

Hat, sun glasses, bracer, necklace, tie, waist belt, handbags, legging and high heels can help you in looking sweet, contemporary, cute and unique. Choose few accessories that matched your styles and outfit, which can yield unbelievable surprise.

4. Layering

This is the backbone of Korean Fashion and where Korean Fashion stands out. It is an art and it is a fashion. Few advises for example : Make use of color contrast to show your style, always wear thicker garment at the topmost and longer garment at the bottom and using accessories to archive layering. The possibility of layering is unlimited and based on your imagination how to mix and match of different fashion accessories. Avoid over the top  by using too **many**(best keep it around 3-4) layer and layering with the same style, color and pattern.

5. Wear with confident

This is the most important point out of 5. You must believe in what you are wearing and walk tall with them.

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